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Your submission should clearly explain the relevance of the chosen topic, the research question, theoretical background and the contribution of the research. Empirical papers should provide an overview of their methodology, analysis and main findings. In order to facilitate double-blind review of submissions please ensure your submission document excludes any author names or identifying information. Details of authorship will instead be provided through the submission system. We invite you to contribute to FINT 2019 in the following categories: Doctoral Colloquium Papers, First-Cut Papers, Conference Papers, Alternate Format Submissions.
Doctoral Colloquium Paper
Doctoral students and early career researchers are encouraged to submit a paper for review and feedback at the doctoral colloquium on the 9th of January. Papers in this category can be up to a maximum of 3000 words (including title, abstract, figures/tables etc.) PLUS references.
First Cut Paper
Papers under development can be submitted to the "First Cut Papers" section. These papers will be featured in conference sessions designed to provide the maximum amount of feedback to authors. Papers in this category should be submitted as an extended abstract up to a maximum of 1500 words (including title, abstract, figures/tables, references etc.).
Conference Paper
Well-developed manuscripts nearing journal submission or publication can be submitted to the "Conference Papers" section. Papers in this category can be up to a maximum of 3000 words (including title, abstract, figures/tables, references etc.).
Alternate Format Submissions (Symposia, Panels, etc.)
We also welcome submissions for alternative types of sessions, including symposia, interactive panel discussions, workshops, and other innovative formats (feel free to be creative!).
Unlike the paper submissions, these submissions are not blind review and should include a title page with the names, affiliations, and roles of people who will be leading, presenting, or speaking in the session. Alternate format submissions should be no longer than 3000 words (including title page, abstract, figures/tables, references etc.).
Successful submissions will typically be assigned a 1.5-hour session within the conference program. Please note that we have limited space for alternate
Submission Procedures 
All submissions should be created in MSWord or PDF with double line spacing, 12pt Times New Roman font, numbered pages, and APA style citations.

Submission Deadline: Friday, June 1st, 2018, 23:59:59 Central European Time (CET).
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